Head Office - 184 Newlands Rd Coburg VIC 3058 Phone +61 3 9354 3833

(ABM) Alan Beckwith Macbro

Our history in the foundry industry dates back to 1930 when Alan Beckwith became a moulder. In 1960 he formed his own business to supply cores and moulds to the foundry industry. From small beginnings the company has now grown into a large diverse company supplying and manufacturing foundry products.

In 1992 Alan Beckwith and Co purchased A & D McMillan, designers and manufactures of the range of MACBRO sand mills, shell moulding machines and shell core equipment.

In 1995 the business further expanded by acquiring a modern foundry and pattern shop. The pattern shop was equipped to produce patterns, core boxes and other tooling to meet not only the foundry requirements but also to take on other outside work in the foundry, tool making and vacuum forming industries.

The foundry is fully equipped with modern moulding plant, electric melting and processing equipment, capable of producing castings from a few grams to 1200kg.

In 1996 further expansion occurred with the acquisition of a resin coated sands facility, selling to foundries throughout Australia and for export into Asia and New Zealand, and again in 1998 with the installation of a Thermal Reclamation Plant, to service both in-house requirements and the foundry industry.

As a result, Alan Beckwith Macbro prides itself in the diverse range of products and services it has to offer.

  • Castings – Grey and Ductile Iron
  • Castings – Non-Ferrous
  • Cores – Shell and chemical Sand
  • Patterns – Wood, aluminum and plastic
  • Hot coated resin sands
  • Moulds – Green sand, shell and chemical moulds
  • Macbro shell core and shell moulding equipment
  • Laboratory testing – Metal and resin sand
  • Thermal Sand Reclamation Plant

The company is accredited to AS/NZS ISO 9002:1994. License No 8377.We are also on line with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) through Telstra Tradelink.

We have our own materials testing laboratory on site with facilities to do microscopic examinations, hardness testing and spectrometer chemical analysis. We are able to have tensile testing done if required.