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The Beckwith Story Of Success (Passion Leads to Excellence)


1930 Our history in the foundry industry dates back to when Alan Beckwith became a trade moulder.

1960 Alan Beckwith formed his own business to supply cores and moulds to the foundry industry. From small beginnings the company has now grown into a large diverse company supplying and manufacturing foundry products.

1992 Alan Beckwith and Co acquired A & D McMillan, designed and manufactures the range of MACBRO sand mills, shell moulding machines and shell core equipment. These machines are still manufactured by Terry’s son Chris Beckwith and many are installed in Technical institutions and schools.

1995 the business further expanded by acquiring the modern foundry Dawn Tools and local well known Graham Petterson Patterns shop. The pattern shop was equipped to produce patterns, core boxes and other tooling to meet not only the foundry requirements but also to take on other outside work in the foundry, toolmaking and vacuum forming industries.

1996 further expansion occurred with the acquisition of a resin coated sands facility, from Abel Lemon supplying and supporting foundries, OEM manufactures throughout Australia and for export into Asia and New Zealand.

1998 with the installation of a Thermal Reclamation Plant, to service both in-house requirements and support the Australasian foundry industry. This service and business model still supports many smaller foundries throughout Australia.

2000 Acquired Gatic Non-Ferrous Geelong Foundry. Gatic street hardware utility covers (sewer , storm-water) can be found all over the streets of Melbourne and Australia and still supplied.

2003 Acquired KSB Ajax Kyneton Foundry.

2013 Acquired – Northern Amalgamated Foundry (Campbellfield) from Keith Kean who retired from business.

2015 Terry Beckwith acquired the well-known (previous Flowserve / Davies Baird ) massive 12.5 acre industrial site at 184-204 Newlands Rd Coburg North securing the long term future of the family named as Beckwith Iron and Steel.

2018 Beckwith Group acquired R & P Metals from Paull Wilson and Bob Morrison, a small niche aluminum foundry. Keeping the highly qualified staff and investing heavily to support a growing need.

2019 Beckwith Group acquired a small aluminum foundry in Beechworth Victoria called EPS or Engineering Pattern Services owned by Jerry Jokinien who wished to retire from business in Tasmania.

2019 (Sept) Terry Beckwith was inducted as a foundry LEGEND by the Australian Foundry Institute of Victoria on behalf of the industry for his contributions.

2021 Beckwith Group purchased Dynaref Products Australia from Terry’s life long friend Malcolm Snowden

2022 Will be the biggest year yet, stay tuned.