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Automotive Aftermarket

the step up from OEM. You need the best

At Beckwith Non Ferrous, we understand motorsport, and more importantly, our motorsport customers. This includes your unique confidential requirements and need for high-integrity, precision sand castings – often above OEM standards. Most of our staff are manic petrol-heads or followers.

We’ve developed alloys and casting processes to produce the most competitive demands by the aftermarket motorsport industry.

Cylinder Heads that are hard enough to withstand brutal spring pressures and thumping valve seat recession but tough enough they endure the punishment from the driver wanting to win.

Air flow in is extremely important manifolds with smooth flowing internal cores, light weight where it counts. Working with our developer customers finding the solutions.

Superchargers need to hold tight tolerances between rotors and bore. This can only be achieved by understanding the alloy characteristics to keep castings from distorting.

Timing Covers and Rocker / Valve covers are often the show piece on an engine, the bling!, It is not easy to give cast alloy that special mirror finish. We have plenty of our “bling” on some very special engines, some people call them their jewellery boxes.

Other products such as Bell Housings, Differential Covers are also part of the performance package.